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What are the advantages of an apartment in a new building?


Buying a property is an important step that many people have been trying to take for years.

The market abounds in diverse options for different categories of buyers. There are many different offers in terms of price, layout, location, etc. What’s more, the banks are ready to support future owners with credit facilities, offering numerous programs with flexible and advantageous conditions.

The advantages of real estate in the primary market include the following: 

Use of modern construction technologies. New buildings, even economy class ones, are qualitatively different compared to old ones. Facade technology is used in construction to keep heat inside rooms. New construction methods make it possible to reduce the cost of facilities. Heat during cold periods is provided by thermostatically controlled radiators, which allow significant savings on heating in wintertime. 

Better, more comfortable and better thought-out layouts compared to the Soviet era. Today’s space requirements include intelligent use of living space, functionality, comfort and smart solutions. One of the advantages of a new building is that you can buy a free-layout apartment and plan the rooms yourself. For this advantage, which is important for creative and discerning people, developers increase the price of these apartments. In new buildings, there are practically no adjoining rooms – they are separate. More than that, there is a dressing room in each such apartment and there are several bathrooms. Even apartments in new buildings have more floor space. For example, a two-bedroom apartment is comparable to a three-bedroom Khrushchyovka (low-cost, concrete-paneled or brick apartment building which was developed in early 1960s in the Soviet Union during Nikita Khrushchev). 

A higher level of security. Well-functioning lifts, non-combustible materials and high-quality electrical wiring. 

Affordable price. Low interest rates and special loyalty programs make housing of this type even more affordable.

Well-designed landscaping, developed infrastructure, good neighbors and lack of cockroaches. Developers always take care of land adjacent to new buildings, regardless of price segment, and do their best to develop them. All modern housing complexes have a well-developed infrastructure with shops, recreation areas and sports grounds. 

Apartments in new buildings are very attractive to well-to-do young families.