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24 March 2021

Advantages of buying an apartment in a new building

Should I buy an apartment in a new building or in an old one? Many people think about this. Safety, or what will happen to the new building in the future, is what matters a lot. You will learn about all this in the following article.

03 December 2020

New Year, New Home: Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in December

December is the month when things start to recover in the real estate market. It would seem that a decision as important as buying a home should be postponed until after the holidays. In fact, many are trying to complete a transaction before the New Year. What is so attractive about buying real estate at the end of the year?

09 November 2020

Why buying a home with interior finishes is more profitable than semi-finished or finished apartment?

Buying an apartment without interior finishes, and then setting it up as you like is a common thing. However, this option is not suitable for everyone.

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