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Nicolae Milescu Spataru Housing Complex

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“Nicolae Milescu Spataru” housing complex is a modern and practical housing estate located in a residential area of the Ciocana sector. The residential complex consists of 4 blocks, each divided into 11 residential floors.

“Nicolae Milescu Spataru” housing complex was designed for a quiet lifestyle, because not everyone is permanently attracted by the hyperactivity of the vibrant city center. After a busy day at work, you would sometimes like to hide in a quiet courtyard. And when you open the windows in the apartment, you certainly don’t want to hear the rumble of transport, music from the bar across the road or loud voices of noisy gangs.

The residential compound is located in an area with developed infrastructure, in the immediate vicinity are: schools, kindergartens, shops, pharmacies and parks.

As the living quarter becomes populated, the developer improves the entrances to the residential complex, improves the courtyards and adjacent territories, creates new recreational spots and parking spaces, builds playgrounds.

Future residents may wish to consider spacious apartments of various sizes and layouts.

“Nicolae Milescu Spataru” housing complex has been developed by one of the largest construction companies in Moldova – “Basconslux”, which has been operating in the real estate market since 2003.

  • Schițe Hospital
  • Schițe Clinic
  • Schițe Pharmacy
  • Schițe Store
  • Schițe Supermarket
  • Schițe Food market
  • Schițe Kindergarten
  • Schițe School
  • Schițe CCTV surveillance
  • Schițe No front yard parking
  • Schițe Playground
  • Schițe Sports ground
  • Schițe Excellent transport links