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Housing complex Mircea cel Bătrân

Apart Imobil Location Mircea cel Bătrân 45

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The Mircea cel Batran 45 housing estate is located in a residential area of Chisinau (Ciocana sector), with a highly developed infrastructure.

The housing complex consists of 6 blocks and includes 374 apartments with various types of layouts.

The enclosed area of the complex is provided with a parking lot, a playground, leisure areas and a stadium. For the convenience and safety of residents, the courtyard is equipped with 24/7 video surveillance.

The residential compound is located in an area with developed infrastructure. Convenient traffic interchange in all directions of the city. In the immediate vicinity are: shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, kindergartens and schools.

The residential building was built using modern construction technologies. The apartments are equipped with autonomous heating system, double-glazed windows and reliable metal doors.

Mircea cel Bătrân housing complex has been developed by one of the largest construction companies in Moldova – “Basconslux”, which has been operating in the real estate market since 2003.

  • Schițe Hospital
  • Schițe Clinic
  • Schițe Pharmacy
  • Schițe Store
  • Schițe Supermarket
  • Schițe Kindergarten
  • Schițe School
  • Schițe CCTV surveillance
  • Schițe Playground
  • Schițe Landscaped space
  • Schițe Excellent transport links
  • Schițe Clinică
  • Schițe Farmacie
  • Schițe Magazin
  • Schițe Teren de joacă
  • Schițe Curte amenajată
  • Schițe Больница
  • Schițe Поликлиника
  • Schițe Аптека
  • Schițe Магазин
  • Schițe Супермаркет
  • Schițe Детский сад
  • Schițe Школа
  • Schițe Видеонаблюдение
  • Schițe Детская площадка