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6 unusual ideas for decorating a student’s room


1. Brightly colored niche in furniture

If you opt for a wall unit with a built-in workplace, choose a less common shape. For example, a house-shaped niche will create a sense of privacy and allow the student to focus on homework. And if you decorate this niche on the interior in bright colors, it will become an attractive accent and will provide a good mood.

Calculate the dimensions of the work area so that the computer screen is placed against the wall, and there is room for a few open shelves on the sides.

2. Photo wallpapers with thematic pattern

Wallpapers are an easy way to make your child’s room livelier and brighter. Choose the image according to your kid’s age. For younger schoolchildren, fairy-tale characters and bright pictures are suitable. For older students, it is better to choose wallpapers of neutral colors, with a more serious subject. For example, with a vintage map of the world or with a drawing of a plane, depending on the interests of the teenager.

And it will be possible to match the wallpaper with the right textiles and themed accessories. Thus, the interior of the room will look well thought out and complete.

3. Bookshelf lighting

Bookcase illumination adds depth to the space and draws attention to the books placed on them. It is a suitable setting that creates a predilection for studies and, at the same time, motivates children to read more often.

Don’t stuff the shelves with books too tightly because the air must circulate in the remaining space. You can arrange the books asymmetrically, alternating vertical and horizontal stacks.

4. Pop art poster

Many teenagers want to decorate their room with posters of their favorite actors or superheroes. So that the decor does not become boring and looks elegant as much as possible, choose pop art style posters. They will fit perfectly into a modern interior and will not look too childish.

Great if the poster has the same colors as other decor elements in the room: curtains, bedside tables, bed linen.

5. Useful wall stickers

If your child wants walls decorated with brightly colored drawings, but parents are not ready to change the wallpaper in a few years, you can use stickers. You can stick them on painted walls or wallpaper, as they leave no marks and can be easily removed.

Let the children choose the stickers themselves – this will add individuality to the room. You can also use these stickers for educational purposes: for example, by hanging the multiplication table above the desk or the world map above the bed.

6. Three-dimensional map of the world

You can choose a three-dimensional map of the world as a wall decoration. It gives texture to the wall, accentuates the sleeping or study zone.

Go for eco-friendly wooden or cork models – they look more presentable than paper and plastic ones.