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Hand held bidet shower: Benefits of using


Hand held bidet showers remained for a long time an unnoticed element in the world of sanitary installations, until noticed by the tourists from the Nordic countries. Residents of Norway and Finland install it not only in their own homes, but also in public places. Information about this useful equipment has spread rapidly in other countries and since then the hand held bidet shower has become a common attribute. At the moment, there is no difficulty in buying such an item and installing it in your bathroom.

What are the benefits of this type of shower?

  1. Small size. Such a shower can be easily installed in a small room, where it is impossible to put a bidet. It has a very compact construction, which does not require much space.
  2. Simplicity in use. The simple construction allows even small children to use the shower. The hose is located close to the toilet, making it easy to use. It is very convenient for the owner to be able to control the water temperature with their own hand, as well as to choose the hose of the appropriate length.
  3. Hygiene with comfort. A clean body is the key to health. Regular use of a hand held bidet shower will help you stay clean and protect yourself from infections, the researchers claim.
  4. Elegant look. With compact dimensions and a convenient method of operation, the hand held bidet shower will fit successfully inside any bathroom.
  5. Versatility. It is convenient that the device can be used not only for the intended purpose, but also for room cleaning or, for example, for cleaning the sink.
  6. Affordable installation costs. The cost of the set is much lower than installing a bidet.

The hand held bidet shower is a very convenient and useful device, which allows you to simplify hygiene procedures, save useful space in the bathroom and have a practical and functional room.