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Expert advice for choosing bathroom tiles


The bathroom is often renovated with whatever remaining funds one has, and design projects are almost never popular. Not good at all, because this is a place for intimacy, where each of us needs to be alone. A place where we wash all the heavy stuff of the day in the evening and take a dose of energy in the morning.

Commitment to fashion trends in home design is considered to be costly and inaccessible to the average person. Good taste is often used, and accepted standards are avoided. In this context, we will tell you about what is actually considered good style in the world of design.

Current trends

Modesty, minimalism and lack of overcrowding are the main contemporary trends. According to the designers, in the decoration of the bathroom and especially in the choice of tiles, you should avoid the following:

  • glossy tiles (except for subway tiles);
  • too obvious imitation of marble;
  • brightly colored tiles on the walls and floor;
  • finishes with plenty of gold and metallic designs.

The golden rule is that tile is a kind of finish, not a decoration. That’s why inserts need to be carefully selected: the main thing is the sense of proportion. Other rules for modern bathroom design are:

  • imitation of natural material – stone, wood, metal, concrete;
  • matte and semi-textured textures (only subway tiles can be glossy);
  • inserts with patterns in the style of patchwork, Moroccan, azulejo as individual elements.

The basics of choosing bathroom tiles

Designers recommend that bathroom tiles should be light-colored. There are two reasons for this. First of all, the bathroom is most often a small room, and dark walls can make it even smaller visually. Secondly, the soap stains on the dark tiles are much more visible than on the light-colored ones.

If the tap water contains a large amount of iron, then pure white tiles are not the smart choice because they will turn yellow very quickly. We recommend that you pay attention to creamy or steamed milk shades.

When choosing bathroom tiles, designer tips are a reliable help for those who have searched and found no ideas for their projects. It is not necessary to follow them exactly, but you can certainly be inspired by them.