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Lighting stores in Moldova


Twenty years ago, it wasn’t easy to find a really good chandelier. And if the owner of the house still managed to get one, it became a real pride and was used for decades, even if there were changes of decor in the room and it did not fit in. Nowadays, lighting fixtures are no longer a luxury – you can find many kinds, for every taste and budget. All you have to do is correctly place the chandelier in the room. Apart imobil provides you with a list of lighting stores:

  • https://daslight.md/ru

DASLight has established itself as a reliable supplier and representative of high quality lighting equipment in Moldova. Our company can satisfy and fulfill the requests of any customer. We have an individual approach to each customer, and each order is unique to us. 

Chisinau, 15/4, Uzinelor St.

Phone:+373 (22) 811 803

  • https://lumimax.md/ru/

The company is one of the largest suppliers of decorative lighting in the Republic of Moldova. Operating since 2013, we have established partnerships with the largest vendors of lighting fixtures and with the most famous design companies. We have successfully illuminated many restaurants, luxury homes and comfortable apartments.

Chisinau, 23/1, Decebal Blvd.


  • https://rafidecor.md/

“RAFI DECOR” COMPANY works with the best European manufacturers who use high quality materials.

Phone:+373 079 900 400

The Led Market company provides customers with comfort, experience and the choice of high quality lighting to make you feel happy, confident in the life processes that take place in public places, at work or at home.

Chisinau, 21, Moscova Blvd.

Phone: 060886600

  • https://volta.md/

Volta company is the official importer and distributor of over 50 well-known brands, including: BOSCH, MAKITA, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, HIMEL, PHILIPS, FUMAGALLI, Lint, HOROZ ELECTRIC, YATO, TRIO LIGHTING, HAGEL, FIRMAN, REMESIS etc., with an assortment of over 40,000 products.

Phone:(+373 60) 53-53-53

  • https://ecocity.md/ru/

Ecocity offers you a wide range of high quality products, specially designed to meet the lighting needs of industrial, commercial, public institutions, as well as private spaces.

Chisinau, 11, Mircea cel Batran Blvd.

Phone:+373 79 022-099

The main areas of work of the company are lighting devices for street, office and industrial use, LED strips and modules, as well as a large range of the latest models of LED lamps that have the ideal parameters to serve the lighting of both industrial as well as residential premises.

Chisinau, 25, Alexandru cel Bun St.

Phone: (+373) 79 772222