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Clebrating new year’s eve scandinavian style


New Year has always been a good, happy and meaningful holiday. We make a brand-new start for everything – plans, goals, hopes. In our country, the New Year is celebrated with much pomp. Almost every house is decorated with a Christmas tree and decorations are made to create a festive mood.

Recently, the Scandinavian style has become very popular, so today we would like to talk about how to properly decorate a room for the New Year in this style.

Use deer prints

Deer are a symbol of the Nordic countries, winter season and winter holidays. They are often represented on a red background, not very realistic, but this makes them even cuter.

Deer prints look especially beautiful on knitted blankets, pillows, curtains, in a word, on textiles.

As a symbol of the coming New Year, you can make a wall decoration in the shape of a deer head colored in white, green or red.

Don’t forget the Christmas tree – the main symbol of the New Year

If you really want to create a holiday Scandinavian-style decor, the Christmas tree is a must. You can opt for a natural or an artificial tree. Also, you can make it with your own hands from garlands, jewelry, sweets – whatever inspires you.

The main thing is to remember that the decorations should look very natural and comfortable.

Set a festive table with special dishes and cutlery

If we talk about the festive sensation, nothing compares to setting the table. The most representative color combination for the Christmas and New Year table is red and white.

A set of cups with snowflakes, one-colour plates, a funny teapot or a platter – you can use all of these at once or you can combine the white service you have with some items in red. The idea would be to create a beautiful composition that you can put in a visible place in the kitchen. It will create a festive mood and no other dishes will be necessary.

Decorate the room with garlands

LED garlands are a great way to create a cheerful disposition. They can be used to decorate any surface. Hang them on the walls, wrap them around the lampshade, make inscriptions and prints, attach them with adhesive tape where needed. What matters most is to like what you do.

The magic lights will shine beautifully and make you feel like waiting for a miracle. There are no winter holidays without miracles, agree?

Create a snow-white kingdom

As mentioned earlier, white is predominant in the Scandinavian style. And the New Year’s decor is no exception. If you don’t like bright colors or you are thinking of a tint to decorate your home with garlands and toys, white will be a suitable option for any situation.

Hang Christmas stockings

The tradition of hanging stockings comes from a legend about Saint Nicholas. This decor looks so funny that it has become popular in our country as well. On the eve of the winter holidays, hang your socks in a row and, from time to time, leave small sweet surprises for your loved ones.

They will surely be delighted with the delicious treats.

Wrap the gifts

If you’ve already started to prepare for Christmas and New Year, you’ve probably thought of gifts for your friends and loved ones. To make them look nice, you should wrap the gifts in paper printed with winter motifs (deer, snowmen, snowflakes).

Feel free to put the wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. Guests, who will secretly search for their name on the boxes, will look forward to receiving their gifts.

Each of these tips will make your emotions more intense on holidays eve. The more you pay attention to the preparations, the better the results. Keep in mind that Scandinavian decor should be light and natural. The more creativity and boldness the better. Do what you think is right. The decoration for the winter holidays is meant, first and foremost, to bring joy!