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What are the advantages of underground parking


The main advantage is obvious – saving ground space and clearing it of cars. Who wouldn’t want a yard without cars? The courtyards full of cars, unfortunately, have become a common sight. But even so, there aren’t enough parking spaces.

To organize a ground parking lot for an average residential building, a large territory is needed. This means that playgrounds, recreation areas, and lawns will have to be reduced.

The space required to organize ground parking is a headache that the developers are facing. A large plot of land is expensive. That’s why underground parking is the perfect solution, and it’s often the only solution for luxury resorts, often located in the busiest parts of the city. Parking on minus floors allows anyone to park their car there, and the size of the territory adjacent to the house no longer matters.

Another undoubted advantage is better conditions for cars. There are many risks for cars on the street. Heavy rain or hail, gusty winds, heat, frost or sudden changes in temperature – all these affect the car in the most negative way. It is also easier to steal a car from a ground parking lot. In addition, acts of hooliganism can occur, such as puncturing the wheels or scratching the door. Underground parking lots, as a rule, have access control, they are often guarded, so random people will not enter there. The temperature in the underground parking is usually 8-10 degrees Celsius and rarely drops below. All this contributes to the careful storage of vehicles.

One of the important advantages of underground parking is clearly visible on the example of residential complexes. Tenants have the opportunity to keep their car in their own parking space that they can fix and keep unchanged. It is known that even in specially arranged parking lots in the yard, it is quite difficult to secure a parking space. Disputes between neighbors on this issue sometimes can reach the court. But in underground parking the situation is completely different: you have a special place that you have chosen, for which you have paid. No one else is allowed to put their car there.

The new buildings in Chisinau, equipped with parking, are the best solution for those who care about their car.