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Is it better to paint or wallpaper?


If you have some home renovation experience, you have probably faced the dilemma: is it better to paint or wallpaper? The choice depends on your personal preferences, budget and the interior design concept. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

  • A great advantage of interior paint is that you can choose any shade. These days, there are many paint manufacturers that offer a wide range of shades – over 100 and more.
  • If the walls are made of wood or brick, it will be easier to paint them than to  wallpaper. You can line the wall with chipboard, so you can stick the wallpaper on them. But if you want to keep the texture of the material, it is better to use paint.
  • You can buy paint at any time: just go to the hardware store, choose the desired shade, and it will be mixed in the paint right in front of you. And if you don’t like the shade you get, you can easily repaint your room.
  • Looking to find a paint color that matches the closet or picture on the wall, or the textiles in the room? When there is a wide range of shades presented, you can easily choose the one you want!
  • Color is the most powerful tool that helps you change the mood inside your home! After all, you can repaint the walls literally in a day.
  • If you have high-quality interior paint, it is much easier to refresh the appearance of the walls by refurbishing, washing or wiping them. And it is much faster than if you had wallpapers.

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. When making your choice, make sure you consider your budget, interior design concept, and personal preferences.